Kiri and



We’re a team:

We come as a team! Having met on a sponsored Big Issue night walk back in 2010, we spent several months getting to know each other, before getting married in 2012 on a day that was more like a cross between a village fete and a music festival than a traditional wedding. Although we have different approaches to how we do life (Steve is very organised and focussed and Kiri is more spontaneous and floaty), these balance positively when we’re working together. We’re united by our love of adventure.



Steve has 8 years of experience as an IT professional, including network security, enterprise development, business analysis, data modelling and data analysis, alongside being a freelance photographer. Kiri is half freelance graphic designer/aspiring film-maker with a degree in graphic design and half land girl with experience of farming and grounds maintenance. In 2013 we made the decision to combine our work into Lightbulb Head; a business offering services in graphic design, photography and web design…to start with.


What makes us tick:

We’re both passionate people, especially when it comes to creativity and community… whatever form they come in! Our shared Christian faith forms a massive part of who we are and a small(?!) part of us is probably a little bit hippy-like! Music plays a big part in our lives – we both sing and enjoy playing guitar and Kiri plays the drums. We also love to draw and paint and we love being outdoors; preferably in the countryside. Our passion for community stems from being surrounded by amazing family and close friends.