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June 27th, 2012 (by kiri)

Right, Steve says I’ve got to write my own blog post for this, so here goes…

Having heard all about Steve’s stag do and the clothes they made him wear, I was feeling quite nervous about my upcoming hen weekend… as it turns out, I really needn’t have been. I made the wise decision to ask Jema (my wonderfully organised and grown up big sister) to co-ordinate the event and, although I spent a suitable amount of time looking daft (the interpretive dance I did contributed highly to this), on the whole we girlies had a refreshingly laid back weekend with lovely food, lovely scenery and extremely lovely company. Staying true to my values, we got in our cars and set out in search of a youth hostel in a remote part of the Peak District, then we just hung out really. I thoroughly enjoyed spending quality time with my Henettes…

Tradition states that I mustn’t reveal what happened on my hen weekend… but I don’t like doing as I’m told, so completely ignoring that rule, here’s a list of activities we enjoyed;

Eating, drinking, badge making, 3 quizzes (one of which involved me doing forfeits when I got the answers wrong), walking, bunting making, games and a hen hunt.

All that action was great fun but I appreciated doing nothing much (or rather not doing) most of all, I loved the instant community that we became. The highlights of the weekend for me were;

Having all those amazing people in one place and finding time to catch up with them, laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe, observing my friends getting along well with each other (as many of them hadn’t met before), taking in (and exploring) the beautiful Peak District landscape, listening to a playlist my Dad put together especially for the event, and eating (yes, I know I’ve already listed that once, but it really was exceptionally good food!).

A big thank you to all involved in making it such an awesome HENfest, especially Jema who put tons of work into it. The event exceeded all my expectations and I had an amazing time.

If you’d like to see more photos then feel free to visit the HENfest gallery

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