Kiri and


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The plan

Have you ever just wanted to leave the 9-5 routine behind and go off on an adventure? We have, so that’s what we did! Originally we planned to go on a long honeymoon, backpacking around Europe, but over time the plan evolved. So with no fixed destination, we travelled around Europe in a motorhome from October 2013 to August 2014, stopping to link up with local projects in different countries.

The aim

We both have a thirst for adventure, so part of our motivation was to satiate that, however we also saw it as a great opportunity to learn about how different cultures approach the concept of community. Our aim was to immerse ourselves within the different cultures, offering our skills and creativity where they could be used, but also taking time to listen and learn. The challenge of a simpler way of life on the road with reduced baggage was (and still is) also massively appealing for us both.

The wheels

Bertha the Beast is a 1990 Autotrail Chinook with a history including 10 previous owners…but probably none asking as much from her as we did! As well as being our mode of transport, she’s was our home for the trip and a place to practise hospitality.