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The following information was last updated on October 10, 2013 and therefore may now be out of date. Please consume with a pinch of salt!

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Finnish - Swedish is also a popular language though


1 - yksi
2 - kaksi
3 - kolme
4 - neljä
5 - viisi
6 - kuusi
7 - seitsemän
8 - kahdeksan
9 - yhdeksän
10 - kymmenen

Useful words / phrases:

Hello - Hyvää päivää
Goodbye - Näkemiin
Yes - Kyllä
No - Ei
Please - Ole hyvä
Thank you - Kiitos
Sorry - Anteeksi
I don't understand - En ymmärrä
How much does it cost? - Paljonko tämä maksaa??
Where is the toilet? - Missä on vessa?
Petrol - Bensiini

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Vignette / toll requirements:

Finland has no toll roads

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Vehicle laws:

Speed limits depend on the quality of the road, but on motorways it's 120kph, 80 kph where there are no signs on main roads, and in built-up areas 50kph or 30kph

Headlights are compulsory all year round, everywhere

If a fine needs to be paid to the police, foreign drivers have the right to refuse to give information concerning their income, in which case, the fine will be standard.

Watch out for big game (moose etc) - you must contact the police should you hit something

Compulsory to carry a warning triangle and a reflective jacket; pedestrians must wear some form of reflector at night

You're not allowed to sound the horn in towns and villages

Winter tyres are compulsory between 1 December and 1 March

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Wild camping rules:

Motorhome service points are rare, so it is common Finish practice to dispose of toilet waste and wastewater down earth closet toilets... don't use chemicals in the toilet when in Finland

Water tanks should be refilled at fuel stations