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Balkans out of season in a motorhome (November 20, 2013)

The following information was last updated on October 10, 2013 and therefore may now be out of date. Please consume with a pinch of salt!

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EU Member:


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1 - jedan
2 - dva
3 - tri
4 - četiri
5 - pet
6 - šest
7 - sedam
8 - osam
9 - devet
10 - deset

Useful words / phrases:

Hello - Zdravo
Goodbye - Dovidjenja
Yes - Da
No - Ne
Please - Molim
Thank you - Hvala
Sorry - Isvinjavam se
I don't understand - Ja ne razumijem
How much does it cost? - Koliko kosta ovo?
Where is the toilet? - Dje je toalet?
Petrol - Benzin

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Vignette / toll requirements:

There may be tolls on some bridges and tunnels

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Vehicle laws:

Speed limit is 100 kph on "fast roads", 80 kph on main roads and 50 kph in built up areas.

Dipped headlights during the day are compulsory

Spare bulb set, first aid kit, warning triangle and reflective jacket are compulsory to carry

Vehicles entering roundabouts have right of way

You're not allowed to use your horn in built up areas or at night

You must not overtake a school bus if it has stopped to load or unload children

International Driving Permit is required to accompany your UK driving licence

Winter tyres are required between 15 November and 31 March

Make sure you get a stamp in your passport when entering Montenegro

You must register with the police within 24 hours of arriving in the country

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Wild camping rules:

Likely to be tolerated