Kiri and


Washed car in morning before lunch in the garden. K jetwashed lintels while S rested. Great time at English conversation group barbecue

Went to great church where Kiri played djembe and we both enjoyed meeting Belgians. First Sunday roast in ages + deep conversations

Laid back morning. Roadworks + vicious traffic calming made for interesting drive. Warm welcome + easy conversations with Frances + Charles

Parked up by babbling brook and were talked to by a solar-powered information sign. Rural wander before watching a hopeless film

Chased cricket out of roof vent. Wrote postcards, then filled up with cheap fuel on the border

Pretty drive on winding forest roads. Arrived in Redange; Kiri went on a walk to appreciate the flowers. Processed photos in evening

As many "F" and "D" numberplates as "L"s. Wander in Dudelange - bought chocolate, beer and toothpaste. Scrabble in evening

Meta conversation after breakfast. No fresh water - time to go to Luxembourg. Boring motorway driving...

Long lie in. Scenic drive and cheese on toast for lunch. Massive thunderstorm. Dysfunctional, but fun, Skype call over 2G connection

Departed with half of C + M's fridge! Lidl and LPG before Ettlingen stop in pouring rain. Read for rest of the day