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July 5th, 2012 (by Steve)

Ladies and gentlemen, I fear we may have started something. Have you noticed that since we sent out invitations in December, the whole country has gone mad for bunting? I blame the Queen – she heard about KISTfest and didn’t want to be out-done, so suggested bunting for her Jubilee celebrations. Well, we’re honoured to be copied!

I have to say that I have been very pleasantly surprised by how eager and willing people have been to send us flags for the bunting. So far we’ve managed to sew about 600 of them onto bunting tape (it sounds more impressive than it is, as 30 flags make up about 7 metres) and we’ve got a whole lot more to go. The original plan was that Kiri would do all the sewing (because she’s the girl!) but actually we’ve now both got sewing machines set up (thanks to Eppie for the loan of one) and I’m quite enjoying being the modern man. I’ll admit I’d never used a sewing machine before, and I’ll also admit now that there’s nothing quite like watching the football/Top Gear/other manly programme whilst sewing. As one of my friends pointed out, it’s really a bit of a middle-class addiction!

A special mention should go to those who have sent us absolute wads of the stuff – Gill + Helen – thank you. On a rather more sad note, we should also mention the one that was stolen. When our car was broken into back in March, one of the items stolen was a beautiful bunting flag with hand-stitched detail made by Cat Hann. We hope the thief is enjoying it as much as we would have.

So (or should that be “sew”…?!), we thought we’d share some of the diversity of flags we’ve received:

  • Locations – we’ve had flags made from material that’s come from all over the world, including India, Uganda, Germany, South Africa and East Sussex
  • Events – we’ve had flags made from bridesmaids dresses worn at the wedding of my parents, bridesmaids dresses from my cousin’s wedding, the clothes I had to wear on my stag do (although I kept the bright orange shorts…) and flags made at HENfest
  • Random – we’ve had too many “random” flags to mention them all, but suffice to say, keep an eye out for some rather non-traditional bunting!

It’s going to be a brightly coloured event and we’d like to thank you for your part in making it so colourful. Now it’s back to the sewing machine for me…

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