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Timtom Samtimjake

March 18th, 2012 (by Steve)

I recall a story from the book “Paddington Goes to Town” in which young Paddington Bear is asked to be an usher at a wedding. He takes his job of “ushing” everyone so seriously that the whole congregation is eventually totally silent. Now that’s not what we’re hoping for from our ushers, but it’s a nice story anyway!

We have, however, ended up with a group of ushers who, once their names have been concatenated, end up sounding like some kind of superhero; Timtom Samtimjake. But what would a superhero do at a wedding? Perhaps fight off bad weather, ensure no-one’s glass is empty, banish Dad-dancing (although actually we want plenty of that at our wedding!) and keep everyone entertained with shows of superpowers (also known as open-mic stuff).

Anyway, these main men on the day (accompanied by the best man James and the two Fathers) will be recognisable by their shirts:

  • Purple
  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Mustard

The same 5 colours as the website…the same 5 colours as our wedding logo…the same 5 colours as…ummm…something else. Coincidence? Well actually, yes. But “ush”, don’t tell anyone!

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It begins…

December 10th, 2011 (by Steve)

Well actually, the process began on 9th September this year when I proposed to my wonderful fiancee (although she wasn’t my fiancee at that stage!) on a beach down in East Sussex. It was worth getting my knee soaked in the wet sand, as she said yes. Some of you will have seen the ring…others will not have seen it yet, so here it is below:

It’s not the most traditional ring ever – in fact, you may even go as far as to say it’s the least traditional engagement ring ever. In either case, it’s very “us” and Kiri didn’t want a diamond. What’s great is that with a lego piece instead of a rock, you can change the colour of the “jewel” depending on what you’re wearing, or even put something crazy (like a lego man’s head) on it! Similarly, our wedding won’t be that traditional, after all, we’re not very traditional people! We aim for it to be creative.

Today we’re preparing to send out invitations (you’re probably reading this as a result of receiving one) and we’ll try to keep you updated on progress with wedding preparations through this blog.

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