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Timtom Samtimjake

March 18th, 2012 (by Steve)

I recall a story from the book “Paddington Goes to Town” in which young Paddington Bear is asked to be an usher at a wedding. He takes his job of “ushing” everyone so seriously that the whole congregation is eventually totally silent. Now that’s not what we’re hoping for from our ushers, but it’s a nice story anyway!

We have, however, ended up with a group of ushers who, once their names have been concatenated, end up sounding like some kind of superhero; Timtom Samtimjake. But what would a superhero do at a wedding? Perhaps fight off bad weather, ensure no-one’s glass is empty, banish Dad-dancing (although actually we want plenty of that at our wedding!) and keep everyone entertained with shows of superpowers (also known as open-mic stuff).

Anyway, these main men on the day (accompanied by the best man James and the two Fathers) will be recognisable by their shirts:

  • Purple
  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Mustard

The same 5 colours as the website…the same 5 colours as our wedding logo…the same 5 colours as…ummm…something else. Coincidence? Well actually, yes. But “ush”, don’t tell anyone!

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