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Road trip sorted!

January 20th, 2012 (by Steve)

We thought we would provide a few more details about our planned road trip; our full honeymoon that we’ll take once we’ve been married for a short while. The plan is basically to jump in a camper van (preferably one we’ve bought rather than hi-jacked) and head off on an adventure around Europe. We’ve got a few ideas of what we’d like to do/see (involving creativity and community), but we’ll go there with an open mind. So, step one is getting a camper van, and as you’ll see from the image below, that’s sorted!

Now all we need to do is shrink ourselves to fit inside it. Actually, with a van that size, stuff Europe – we might as well just have a bit of a drive around the English countryside!

More on the road trip at a later date – if anyone has tips on buying a camper van (although possibly more of a motorhome, as pictured), please let us know!

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