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Climbing every mountain

December 8th, 2013 (by Steve)

The second of our films about the trip is now available on YouTube

Climb every mountain

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Climbing every mountain

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4 Responses

Great video guys, thanks for sharing!

Well said, Gandalf, it’s a really professional job (and I know you are professionals).

I’ve been following the saga on TOC but the video brings it all to life. Praise God you’re still mobile!

Loved the “Winston Churchill” moment, and “Bertha has given up smoking and drinking”. Keep a weather-eye on the air filter.

Looking forward to the next episode with perhaps a leeeetle more fingers on maps to show where you are … and perhaps a leeeetle more info on how you find overnight stops for those of us hoping to do something similar.

Thanks for the comments guys; Kiri’s the professional… I’m just the driver… although she drives as much as I do! Maybe I’m just along for the ride!

We’ll try to include a few more map pointers to show where we are in the next episode – however we don’t want to duplicate the info that’s on this site too much; we’ve got a separate map page where we’re documenting each petrol station and overnight stop. As for finding the overnight locations, we’ve been relying on, a map of all European Aires (in its most accessible form at, the ACSI camping card guide and now we’re in Greece, we’ve added Peejay’s Greece stopovers to the mix. Incidentally, we were going to name our sources for overnight stops in our first Greece blog post… some point in the coming few days!

Hadn’t seen the map page – have now – WOW!!! You’re really motoring!

Thanks for the info about stops. I’ve got a list of French aires for TomTom from this site:
and other countries are available. If you don’t have TomTom you can download an ASCII (text) file and use an on-line converter to get the satnav format you want.

Way off your track at the moment but I joined France-Passion recently which is a network of farms, vineyards etc allowing free overnight stops as guests of the owners:
Your ‘van must be fully self-sufficient, though (and I know Bertha is).

I understand some supermarkets e.g. Lidl allow overnight stays, too.

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