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Wobbly beginnings

October 25th, 2013 (by Steve)

The first of our films about the trip is now available on YouTube

wobbly beginnings

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Awesome video guys, loved th fact you’re both on there and we can see how you’re working together to nail the challenges! You’ve had a pretty tough start to it. We had leaks over the 2 years, bit just minor stuff compared to you guys. Our clutch died too, and we accidentally ripped off the main skylight, and our fridge conked out, but you’ve already overcome more problems than that! Bring on the adventure! Hope you’ve got a copy of All the Aires France, and the ACSI discount card, getting them outside the UK’s a pain and they will save you a fair few quid, if not a fortune. Cheers, Jay

Fantastic video guys! Very professional, and I mean that – excellent!

And you are too kind with your comments!

Nothing can be broken that can be fixed, nothing can leak that can’t be sealed and there is no challenge that can’t be overcome.

Best of luck… and you worry too much, sit back and enjoy, live for the moment, you get only get one roll of the dice.

I have silkaflex, toolbox, passport and motorhome at the ready….

Thanks Jason + Sean. It’s all Kiri with the film work; she has a passion for documentary and she’s very good with it!

It’s great to know there’s such a support network behind us and I’m sure once we’re on the road the nerves will dissipate.

We’ve got our 2013 ASCI card (haven’t worked out how we’ll get the 2014 one yet…), a CCI and lots of PoIs on our satnav (including aires) so hopefully we should be set!

I also saw the back of my head in your video… tell me… honestly…

am I going bald?

Just sat and watched your video, brilliant! Looking forward to following your adventure.

Thanks Shawn + Emma 🙂

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