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A dream wedding?

August 28th, 2012 (by Steve)

It is assumed that every bride and groom hope for a dream wedding. Not us. Some might say that I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one! After the dreams we’ve had about our wedding over the last few months, you can understand why we’re praying for something a little more normal (but not too normal obviously!).

Let us give you a little insight into our minds as we sleep, and how our wedding would pan out should our dreams come true.

We start with the banns of marriage. In some strange mix-up, the person reading the banns of marriage decided to do some kind of online resolution of our names (I guess a bit like a DNS lookup) and somehow came up with business names. So instead of “I announce the banns of marriage between Stephen…” etc, it was “I announce the banns of marriage between Qantas Airlines…”. Why Qantas Airlines? Who knows?

Next we think about the dress code. Well we’ve said it before and we’d like to stress again that it’s a case of wear what you’re comfortable in. In one of the two dress-code related dreams, Kiri was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and in the other one she was totally naked, but didn’t feel weird about it. I hasten to add that these were both Kiri’s dreams, not mine!

Moving onto the marriage service, we hope the dream of getting it wrong and having to do it over and over again won’t come true, otherwise there wouldn’t be time for the activities, which in wedding dreamland consist of:

  • Steve collecting firewood
  • Archery (we wish)
  • Competition to make a spaghetti bridge that can hold a person’s weight…out of cooked spaghetti

This brings us nicely onto the evening time, when dusk falls and things get a little dark. Never fear though, for we have beacons to light the orchard. Full blown bonfires at the end of tall poles. Lovely! It’s a surprise then with all this heat and light that in another dream everyone decided to follow the newlywed couple (us) to our honeymoon venue. We won’t be happy if that happens!

And then finally, the day after and possibly my favourite dream of all – everyone wakes up to find someone’s legs sticking out from the side of the marquee, and we find out that someone has fallen asleep under the floor of the marquee. I won’t say who it is!

So…that’s why we don’t really want a dream wedding!

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