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Stag do

May 31st, 2012 (by Steve)

One of the many lovely traditions associated with weddings is that of the stag do – a chance for the men to be manly without any girls. With a best man like James, I knew that he wouldn’t allow for any girlishness and he didn’t disappoint.

Now I know it’s not traditional to share what goes on at a stag do, but what I will share is that it was better than I could have imagined. It was bushcraft weekend including making a shelter, gathering firewood, skinning and gutting a rabbit, making fire with flint and steel, making fire with a bow, cooking and eating said rabbits, cooking and eating mealworms (I now accept that I need more insects in my diet) as well as a lovely pub meal, a few songs with a couple of guys from my uni barbershop group and a trip to church on the Sunday morning. One of the highlights was waking up at sunrise and looking out from the bivvy bag at the dew-soaked grass. Awesome! The down-side? Well, I ended up wearing clothes that I wouldn’t normally choose…but it’s alright – a nice lady at church said that her daughter wears wacky clothes like that normally!

Big, big thanks go to James and Richard for their fantastic organisation and to Nick for expertly and patiently teaching.

Thanks to our official wedding photographer, Tom Dauben for this lovely photo of me – which seems kind of appropriate for this upcoming weekend too!

If you wish to see further photos of me in my “natural” attire, there is a gallery of stag do photos – thanks to Tim Wakeling and Dad for these photos.

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