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May 10th, 2012 (by Steve)

As all good wedding planners do, we picked a venue for our marriage service then invited too many guests to fit in it. That’s not what good wedding planners do? Oh. Oops. Actually, it wasn’t quite like that, but play along with us for now…! Basically, the situation is that we have loads of guests, a small village church and our reception venue next door. Rather than try to cram everyone into the church, we’ve decided to be a little geeky and set up a video link which I (Steve) thought would be relatively easy.

The general idea that I had was that we have a video camera in the church and a projector in the marquee in the wedding venue with “a link” between the two. Now in my mind that link could take one of two forms:

  1. A cable directly between the camera and projector
  2. A cable from camera into a laptop, then to another laptop attached to the projector, either via ethernet or a wireless link

Now the second option just sounded too complicated, so we did some de-risking with the first option and found out that in terms of cabling we could use video phono (analogue) or HDMI (digital). After getting some advice from Andrew Lipscombe, the guy who’s doing sound at our wedding (one might say it was sound advice…get it?!) he recommended we went with digital up to the projector to cut out interference, so we then had to work out how to make HDMI stretch 50 metres. If you’ve read up to here, you’re probably really interested, or really bored, so in either case I’ll throw in a picture of our plan:

The next thing was to get a projector that was powerful enough to show in a marquee and with this one I’ll cut the story short and say that basically our cheapest option was to buy a projector which we’ll then sell on afterwards (let us know if you’re in the market for an Optoma Ep782 DLP 4700 lumens projector in the Autumn…). We did have suggestions from certain friends that we should get one with a TV tuner so they could watch the paralympics instead of the wedding, but we think we’ll give that one a miss.

So, technologically, we should be sorted now…well, once we’ve got a screen. The one thing we have yet to work out is what to do if someone in the marquee knows of any reason in law why we shouldn’t be married…

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