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We travelled 853 miles in Greece over 12 days between 06 December 2013 and 17 December 2013. It was mainly sunny (8 days) whilst we were there

Key places where we stopped

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The following information was last updated on July 21, 2014 and therefore may now be out of date. Please consume with a pinch of salt!

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Personal comments:

Greece is a motorhomer's paradise, with the option to park by a different beach each night... for free! The only issue that we had was finding places to empty our toilet, but if you schedule in one or two campsite stops, that solves the problem.

There is so much to see; the 10 days that we had here just weren't long enough. The highlight for us was probably Meteora; monasteries "suspended in the air"... or one of the many beaches we stayed next to in the south of the country... or maybe the beach we stayed next to near Thessaloniki...? We love Greece!

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1 - ένας (énas)
2 - δύο (dýo)
3 - τρεις (tris)
4 - τέσσερα (téssera)
5 - πέντε (pénde)
6 - έξι (éxi)
7 - εφτά (eftá)
8 - οχτώ (ochtó)
9 - εννέα (ennéa)
10 - δέκα (déka)

Useful words / phrases:

Hello - Γειά σας (ya sas)
Goodbye - Γειά σας (Yiá sas)
Yes - Ναι (ne)
No - Οχι (ohi)
Please - Παρακαλώ (Parakaló)
Thank you - Ευχαριστώ (Efharistó )
Sorry - Λυπάμαι! (lypáme)
I don't understand - Δεν καταλαβαίνω (Then katalavéno)
How much does it cost? - Πόσα κοστίζει αυτό; (Pósa kostízi aftó?)
Where is the toilet? - Πού είναι η τουαλέτα; (pu íne i tualéta?)
Petrol - βενζίνη (venzíni̱)

Vignette / toll requirements icon

Vignette / toll requirements:

Greek motorways are toll

Vehicle laws icon

Vehicle laws:

130 kph speed limit on motorways, 90 kph or 110 kph on main roads and 50 kph in built up areas

You are not allowed to carry petrol in a can

Dipped headlights are recommended in the daytime in poor visibility - full beam headlights are not allowed in built up areas

Fire extinguisher, first-aid kit and warning triangle are all compulsory

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Wild camping rules:

If you park illegally, the police may physically take your numberplate

Wild camping isn't legal, but restaurants may allow you to stay overnight if you have a meal there first, and away from the coast you may be ok