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We travelled 57 miles in Luxembourg over 3 days between 30 July 2014 and 01 August 2014. It was mainly sunny (3 days) whilst we were there

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Homeward bound (August 1, 2014)

The following information was last updated on August 14, 2014 and therefore may now be out of date. Please consume with a pinch of salt!

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Personal comments:

A very pretty little country. Stayed for two nights, first in the south near the French border and then further north in Redange. Both stops were free and one had free facilities. Beautiful scenery, well worth a visit.

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Luxembourgish, French, German


1 - eent
2 - zwee
3 - dräi
4 - véier
5 - fënnef
6 - sechs
7 - siwen
8 - aacht
9 - néng
10 - zéng

Useful words / phrases:

Hello - Moien
Goodbye - Äddi
Yes - Jo
No - Neen
Please - Wann ech glift
Thank you - Merci
Sorry - Pardon
I don't understand - Ech verstinn net
How much does it cost? - Wéivill kascht dat?
Where is the toilet? - Wou ass d'Toilette?
Petrol - Bensin

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Vignette / toll requirements:

There are no toll roads

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Vehicle laws:

Speed limit is 130 kph on motorways (110 kph in rain or snow), 90 kph on main roads and 50 kph in built up areas. ‘Zone de rencontre’ means the speed limit is 20 kph and pedestrians have priority

You're not allowed to carry petrol in a can

Reflective jacket and warning triangle are compulsory

Winter tyres are mandatory in wintery conditions

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Wild camping rules:

Not allowed or tolerated