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We travelled 321 miles in Belgium over 17 days between 17 April 2014 and 07 August 2014. It was mainly sunny (11 days) whilst we were there

Key places where we stopped

Blog posts

Bertha in Binche (August 8, 2014)

A Ghent Gent and an Antwerp… Twerp? (April 28, 2014)

In Bruges (April 21, 2014)

Oil’s well that ends well (April 18, 2014)

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Personal comments:

Belgium is very easy driving for motorhoming and also pretty good for free places to stay (what with wild camping allowed). We found it easy to get into Ghent and Antwerp from places we'd stopped for free and it was worth paying for the car park in Bruges. In all a beautiful country, with some cracking beer (cheapest at the supermarkets... Delhaize has a good selection!)

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Dutch, French, German


1 - een
2 - twee
3 - drie
4 - vier
5 - vijf
6 - zes
7 - zeven
8 - acht
9 - negen
10 - tien

Useful words / phrases:

Hello - Goededag
Goodbye - Tot ziens
Yes - Ja
No - Nee
Please - Alstublieft
Thank you - Dank u
Sorry - Sorry
I don't understand - Ik begrijp het niet
How much does it cost? - Hoeveel kost dit?
Where is the toilet? - Waar is het toilet?
Petrol - Benzine

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Vignette / toll requirements:

There are no toll roads in Belgium

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Vehicle laws:

Speed limit is 120 kph on motorways and dual carriageways, 90 kph on main roads and 50 kph in built up areas. Minimum speed of 70 kph on motorways.

Reflective jacket and warning triangle are compulsory

If there's no sign saying otherwise, traffic joining a roundabout has priority

Petrol in a can forbidden on ferries

White road signs with a red border and the word "peage" or "tol" means you should stop

Stationary vehicles must have their engines switched off

There must be a metre gap when overtaking a cyclist or a moped

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Wild camping rules:

Tolerated in Wallonia apart from on the coast and in forests

Not permitted in Flanders anywhere