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The following information was last updated on October 10, 2013 and therefore may now be out of date. Please consume with a pinch of salt!

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EU Member:

No - import regulations apply (including on dog food!)

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Norwegian krone

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1 - en
2 - to
3 - tre
4 - fire
5 - fem
6 - seks
7 - sju, syv
8 - åtte
9 - ni
10 - ti

Useful words / phrases:

Hello - Goddag
Goodbye - Ha det bra
Yes - Ja
No - Nei
Please - Vær så snill
Thank you - Takk
Sorry - Beklager
I don't understand - Jeg forstår [deg] ikke
How much does it cost? - Hva koster dette?
Where is the toilet? - Hvor er toalettet?
Petrol - Bensin

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Vignette / toll requirements:

Tolls are unavoidable - register a credit card with AutoPASS and drive through the AutoPASS lanes, or pay at the toll booths

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Vehicle laws:

Motorway speed limit is 90kph or 100kph, outside built-up areas it's 80kph and in built-up areas it's 50kph, but sometimes specified as low as 30kph

Trams have right of way

Dipped headlights are compulsory during the daytime

Must have warning triangle, reflective jackets, and must carry snow chains in winter months

Petrol in a can is permitted, but not on ferries

Fuel possibly cheaper on Sunday evenings?

Watch out for elk and reindeer!

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Wild camping rules:

Not encouraged, but is tolerated as long as you are at least 150m away from anywhere anyone may live, you do not drive off road, you do not stop on farmland and you don't stay any longer than 48 hours